All About Keeping Horses In A Stable


Horses are very adaptable creatures, and most can live outside all year round, provided they have food, shelter, and protection from the elements. So, why the need for stables? To create a promising stable, you need a variety of farm supplies in Melbourne. A stable is not a natural environment for a horse but it is a necessary provision. Any horse may need stabling at a moment’s notice because of sickness or injury and as the horse owner, you are supposed to be able to provide adequate shelter for your horse.

  • Stables provide protection for the elements

A stable provides essential protection for your horse from the elements. We all know how much the weather can drastically change from one day to the next and it is essential you are one step ahead. This can be as simple as the natural shelters available in your horse’s field, such as trees or shrubs, or it could be a mobile field shelter. Having a stable available to your horse is necessary to make sure protection from the elements. If the rain is hammering down, the stable provides shelter for your horse where he can keep dry and rest.

  • A place of warmth and comfort

Even though horses can bear temperatures significantly lower than humans are comfortable with, it is essential horses can seek warmth in the stable if the temperatures become unbearable for them. You can get a variety of local farm supplies that help make the stable comfortable. The stable is also a comforting place for many horses where they know they are safe.

If poorly built and maintained, the horse stables could pose a significant health risk to the horse. Therefore, it is essential to make sure the stables are properly ventilated, have adequate drainage and are kept clean.

  • The stable helps control diet

Stabling is essential for the horse for the reason that it helps you control the diet of the horse. If you have pastures that are particularly luscious and healthy, ponies particularly can easily overheat and turn out to be overweight. An overweight horse is more likely to suffer from laminitis, so it is necessary to limit the diet of the horse if their weight is concerning. This is where the stable is significant as it helps owners to limit grazing by stabling their horse and controlling their feed intake.

Stabling to control diet is especially significant for competition horses and, in such circumstances, stabling may be the only choice for limiting and controlling diet for optimum health and performance to be successfully achieved.

  • Stables allow you to tether the horse

Having access to stables allows you to tether the horse in a safe space where he is protected from the elements. Tethering the horse is where you secure the horse, using an appropriately attached chain or rope, to a desired area, confining it to one space.

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