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If you purchase your automobile to be used outdoors of California, your buy will not be topic to use tax. To qualify for the exemption, you have to have purchased and taken supply of the automobile outside of California before you acquired your orders to come to this state. Use tax will apply when you take supply of the automobile in California or if you purchase the automobile to be used in this state after receiving your official transfer orders. To apply for a use tax clearance certificates (CDTFA-111), use CDTFA’s on-line services and select Request Use Tax Clearance for Registration with DMV/HCD underneath the Limited Access Functions. Or you could submit form CDTFA-106, Vehicle/Vessel Use Tax Clearance Request, to the CDTFA. You may mail, fax, or submit type CDTFA 106 to your local CDTFA subject office or the Consumer Use Tax Section in Sacramento.

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