Farooq Th, Shakoor A, Wu X, Li Y, Rashid Mhu, Zhang X, Gilani Mm, Kumar U, Chen X, Yan W Perspectives Of Plantation Forests Within The Sustainable Forest Development Of China Iforest

Earnings from non-farm actions are estimated to account for 30–50% of rural family income in Africa, about 60 per cent in Asia and round 40 per cent in Latin America (Reardon et al. 2001). Remittances from urban household members and earnings from non-farm activities even have a major function in financing innovation and intensification of farming in Africa and in Asia (Hoang et al. 2005, 2008). This is greatest documented in rural areas with comparatively good entry to urban markets and infrastructure. In many instances, native merchants also contribute to the creation of non-farm jobs through the local processing of agricultural produce, and this helps diversify the economic base of huge villages and helps of their gradual transformation into small urban centres (Hoang et al. 2008).

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