Farooq Th, Shakoor A, Wu X, Li Y, Rashid Mhu, Zhang X, Gilani Mm, Kumar U, Chen X, Yan W Views Of Plantation Forests In The Sustainable Forest Growth Of China Iforest

Revegetation of post-coal-mining areas in East Kalimantan usually follows three steps. It started with the planting of legume cover crops along with pioneer species or fast-growing species. The LCC had been Centrosoma pubescens and Calopogonium sp. The fast-growing species were planted with the spacing of three × 3 m , 4 × 4 m , or 5 × 5 m to supply rising area for semi-tolerant species or climax species, which would be planted 2–3 years or 4 years after fast-growing species planting.

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