Landscaping activities, particularly the arrangement of OB supplies followed by sowing of soil materials as a plant development medium over the floor of the final reclamation land, are very expensive. According to , the most commonly accepted method to keep mine soil from being degraded by erosion in the course of the reclamation course of is thru revegetation. For Indonesian circumstances, the commonly used revegetation vegetation are fast-growing pioneer vegetation. Revegetation in ex-mining lands not only protects the mine soil from degradation as a result of erosion but additionally improves the standard of the mine soil itself. Improving the standard of mine soil does not solely come from trees but also from the legume cover crops .

Fixing The Administration

She needed to know why the certification of plantation and water licensing processes were cumbersome. Dr Tau indicated that the process of finalising land claims takes a lengthy time and this has unintended penalties because communities end up not receiving the rental cash they’re entitled to and find yourself being in battle with the company that is operating state forest land. This ends in the rise within the variety of fires in the plantations and poses a risk to the investment.

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