Parents Divorced, who should the child live with?

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Divorce often occurs in a marriage, nowadays divorce is considered a normal thing in marriage, if you do not agree, then there will be constant bickering and finally, divorce is the only way that is taken by filing a lawsuit or petition to the Court. Whereas previously this family relationship was based on a sense of love between one another.
With the divorce case, the next step is how to get custody of children after the divorce, with whom the child will be cared for, whether custody of the child falls on the mother or the father, and how the agreement between the two parents of the child is related to the next period.

When considering divorce, child custody is a thorny issue that is often debated.
Who should the kids follow? Father or mother?
But keep in mind, even after divorce, both partners actually still have the responsibility of being parents to their children.
You and your ex-spouse can enter it in a sole vs joint custody Oklahoma divorce settlement agreement.

The “Co-Parenting” Child Care System

But in fact, there is also another child care system that is also often used by many couples regarding the responsibilities and access of parents to meet children, namely co-parenting.

If you and your ex-partner run a co-parenting system, this means you share parenting.
This co-parenting system is only possible if both partners are willing.

If you choose the co-parenting system, you and your ex-partner make an agreement about when the child lives with the father and when he lives with the mother, as well as who bears certain costs.

Benefits of “Co-Parenting” for Children

Through a co-parenting parenting system, children will realize that they are more important than the conflict that ends the father-mother relationship.
In addition, children can also feel that the love of their parents will not change, even though the conditions are no longer the same.

Here are the benefits of co-parenting for children:

Children Adapt Faster

When children continue to get love and attention from both parents, the children will adjust more quickly and easily to their parents’ divorce and new life situations and have better self-confidence.

Learn to Stay Disciplined

Co-parenting fosters the same rules, discipline, and respect as in a typical whole family. So children can find out what they can expect from their parents and what parents can expect from them.

Have an Ability in Problem Solving

Children who see that their parents can continue to work together well, even after a divorce, are more likely to be able to solve their problems effectively and peacefully.

Have a Healthy Example to Follow

By working with your ex-spouse in parenting, you are setting an example that makes children more likely to build and maintain stronger relationships.

Healthy Children Mentally and Emotionally

Children who have parents who don’t get along and don’t work well together are more likely to develop mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD.

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