Valorant maps description

Computer games are not just the means for entertainment but also a tool for developing certain skills. Valorant is one of such games that helps to understand how team members work together. If you are already passionate about this game or want to learn more about it, then this article is exactly for you. It provides a brief overview of the Valorant game itself, its basic rules, and maps.

What is Valorant?

This is a recent computer game developed by the Riot Games studio. It is designed exclusively for Windows operating system, so it is not available on Mac or Linux platforms.

The Valorant game involves two teams, each of which consists of five players. One team acts in the defense, while another has the attacking roles. Each team member chooses a character that has unique abilities along with inventories that could be also purchased later.

How to start playing Valorant?

Before starting to play the game Valorant, you need to learn its basics and rules. This will help you to build a more deliberate strategy and reach higher levels in the game faster. Also, you might consider getting a Valorant boost if you are already experienced in playing this game. This option means that you will get help from highly experienced users that will help you to gain a higher level in a short period of time. Anyway, the basic concepts of the game provided above will also help to play better.

Start training

Before you get into the game, there is a special mode offering special training where you can learn the basics. For instance, you could explore how to move through the map, use various kinds of weapons, and take advantage of the character’s skills. There will also be a simulation of the real situation with the defending and attacking roles. Overall, this training helps to understand how the game functions and what elements it has.

Explore characters

There is a variety of heroes available in the Valorant game. Each of those characters has unique ser characteristics that are either more suitable for defense or attack. Once you explore every character and its traits, you will feel more comfortable during the game.

Select weapons

Each round of the game requires a definite set of weapons to surpass it successfully. For instance, it makes sense to buy armor within the pistol round and purchase other types of weapons in other rounds.

Develop a strategy

Depending on the current round, the strategy should be elaborated according to whether that is defense or attaching position. If you are in defense, change your positioning on the Valorant map so that it would be difficult for enemies to find you. While in attack, stay all together with your team members as it is much easier to assault in a group.

What are the Valorant maps?

The game Valorant has several battlefields that are known as maps. Each of them is distinctive as resembles different parts of the world and refers to various cultures. Subsequently, each Valorant map has its unique places and routes to explore. The Riot Games studio also keeps on developing new Valorant maps that come with new game releases to keep the players entertained.


This is a classic map that resembles a small Italian village with narrow streets and stone houses. It is the place where two secret agents Phoenix and Jett have had a battle in the result of which the town was destroyed. Thus, the map has a lot of ruins on it and a range of aerial islands.

The Ascent map is very similar to a typical map in other shooting games. However, it has one distinctive feature – agents can open the doors and close them as well. This option is used in order to slow down the rivals on the way to the spike point.


This map is particular because it has a variety of teleports that take players from one point to another immediately. Due to this, Bind is often known as a quick game, however, this does not impact the rating points anyhow. The best agents for the attack are Cypher, Killjoy, and Brimstone. Meanwhile, Sage, Phoenix, and Sova are the best characters to select on the defense side.


One of the first maps that appeared in Valorant was Haven resembling the landscapes of the territory of old Chinese temples. The Haven map has three spike points on it along with various points where easy movement is possible. Thus, Haven is probably the best solution for those who are used to attacking enemies in a vast and tough manner.

When playing with the Haven map, it is crucial to always keep in touch with your teammates and consult with each other. Also, using smoke and binding abilities is recommended so that you can quickly move throughout the map and make powerful shots.


The name of the map tells of itself as it depicts another time of the year compared to other battlefields. The Icebox map is a place with multiple locations fully covered with snow and ice. This map contains a lot of shipping containers, vertical zip lines, and also horizontal ones.


This is a relatively new Valorant map designed by the Riot Game studio. It depicts an island located in the southern part of the Bermuda triangle where the battle takes place. This map is ideal for those who prefer shooting games with long-distance firefights. It is recommended to play with Sova, Skye, Jett, Raze on the Breeze map.


This is the newest map in the Valorant game that was presented in the second half of 2021 but was later suspended for some time. It has an H-shaped structure with a spacious middle section. The Fracture map is designed by Riot Games to make the game even more exciting and encourage players to find out new solutions in the attack and defend sites. To effectively go through the Fracture map, it is recommended to choose either Breach, KAY/O, Skye, or Breach.

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